REVIEW: CH Precision L1 Mono + X1 Power Supply

HIFI+ Editor-in-Chief Alan Sircom’s review of the CH Precision L1 Mono & X1 Power Supply has arrived in PDF form. The review is to steal Mr. Sircom’s words “practically weaponised”.  Mr Sircom takes us on a journey through various configurations of L1 Preamplifier & X1 Power Supply implementation. Yes the L1 Dual Mono Preamplifier can be upgraded to a pure monaural preamplifier through the addition of a second unit and yes every L1 can be upgraded by adding a dedicated X1 Power Supply. But what in this excellent review Mr. Sircom shares his expert opinion on what the best route is.

the solo L1 preamplifier already begins as one of the very few truly outstanding preamplifiers you can buy. It has that remarkably stark honesty and clarity of something like a passive preamplifier but with the drive and dynamic weight of a good active preamplifier. – Alan Sircom, HIFI+

The modular design and future-proofing of the CH Precision product line has been identified again in this review. By providing this upgrade pathway, just like the upgrades in the card-cage designs of each product, allowing modularity in preamplifier and power-amplifiers is a powerful statement in modern product design and gives the customer excellent security in their investment.

The flexibility is core to CH Precision’s ethos in its own right. In the ten years the company has been in business, not a single product has been ‘left behind’. No product has been discontinued, any products where the original circuitry has either become unavailable (due to components being discontinued) or is too outmoded to be relevant has been upgraded and those upgrades are fully retrofittable. – Alan Sircom, HIFI+

Mr Sircom’s conclusion is nothing short of revelatory.

In the process of moving from one box to four, CH Precision’s L1 preamplifier moves from a dual-mono stereo preamp to a full four chassis pure monaural preamp where nothing (even down to the cables) is shared. In the process, it moves from being among the best preamps money can buy to being one of the best preamps ever made, and with no products left behind along the way. I’ve not heard all the very best preamps in the world, but I’ve heard many of them, and this is the best I’ve ever heard to date. – Alan Sircom, HIFI+


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CH Precision L1 Dual-Mono Line Preamplifier and X1 Power Supply

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