Preloved: C1 Reference D/A Controller (fully upgradable)2019-10-07T15:34:22+00:00

Preloved: C1 Reference D/A Controller

This C1 unit is directly from our demonstration stock. The unit has been cared for exceptionally and is in excellent condition. Any marks or blemishes in the finish are detailed in the images wherever possible. It is fully compatible with the new CH Precision upgrade cards that allow this unit to be Roon Ready by adding the new Digital HD and Ethernet HD cards to the unit. See more about this here.

The C1 D/A Controller can be configured both as a pure DAC in ‘Controller’ mode allowing you to feed the line-stage of your choice. Or the versatile C1 unit can operate as a four input D/A converter, with integrated preamplifier functions such as source selection and volume control. This unit benefits from all four input boards.

This unit includes the following installed option boards,

  • Ethernet_In Control Board (upgradable to Roon Ready Ethernet HD)
  • Digital_In Board (upgradable to Digital HD)
  • Sync I/O Board
  • USB_In Board
  • Analog_In Board

Supplied with the original packaging, accessory kit which includes stacking rods, stacking cups, screwdriver and the original remote control.

For more information about this unit please contact Singularity Audio directly either via telephone or email.

T: 0114 442 0132